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Engraving Technics

We offer four engraving:

1. Engravings of letters in metal.

The letters become scratched with a diamond point in metal.
This technique is used for example to zippo lighters and stainless hip flask.
The photo below shows an engraving on polished metal.

2. Engraving of letters in plastic

The letters are a hard metal cutter plastic milled.
see photo below.

3. Engraving a logo lines in plastic & metal


An engraving of a line we need a logo vektorbestand.

It must be specially made with corel or illustrator Adope CDR EPS AI

JPEG or bitmap .bmp .tiff file to be converted.

When you see the start convert an outline as an example below.

This outline become engraved.

4. Photo Engraving with diamond technology.

For a photogravure is a normal bitmap need at least 300 dpi (JPEG, BMP, TIFF)

It is not possible to engrave colors and round workpieces.

The pictures get beaten in the metal and is indelible.

See the example picture below:

So for a photo and logo engraving you upload a file to:


along with your order number.